LOT-X-R Module 2- Search Engines & Advanced Searches

Which of the following search engines is focused on privacy?

If there was a Russian element to your investigation, which of the following search engines should you consider using;

Which of these is an encrypted search engine?

In a Google search, what does the * symbol do in the search query?

Many search engines provide a result filter that refines the time that information was published. For the OSINT practitioner, which time filter is usually the most useful?

With a search resource, how might you restrict a query to search only twitter.com?

When searching Google with site:facebook.com "crash for cash" West Midlands, how are the search results accessible?

Before a search is processed, it is best to:

With a search engine such as Google, to search for an individual, by the name of John Discombe, who lives in Galway, which is the most appropriate search query?