LOT-X-R Module 1- Legislation & Operational Security

The GDPR is just a regulation and is not a law. True or False?

The GDPR exemption that is Legitimate Interests is not safe to rely on, as the OSINT practitioner cannot demonstrate any real legitimate Interest to process the PII of a Subject. True or False?

To process personal data of a subject without their consent, the practitioner might rely on a lawful basis that is:

An OSINT practitioner needs a Lawful Basis for the authority to

You have been asked by your HR department if you can 'check out the social media' of 3 prospective employees on a short-list, without having to ask them. The GDPR Exemption you will rely on for lawful processing of their PII, is:

the PII of a subject that is good to have in the instruction, at the start of an investigation is ...?]

Which resource has the capability to obfuscate a user's internet finger print?

A VPN will obfuscate a user internet footprint. It should be used when processing ..

To enhance the security of a VPN connection, you should...?

What is the purpose of a Synthetic Identity?