LOT-X-O Module 1 - Operational Security

1. We need a Lawful Basis for the authority to start an investigation.

2. An OSINT investigation process should have a documented Lawful Basis. When should the documentation be prepared?

3. To process personal data of a subject without their consent, the practitioner might rely on a lawful basis that is:

4. It is necessary for every OSINT practitioner to be an expert on privacy legislation so that all aspects of investigation processing are lawful.

5. Before commencing an III (OSINT) process, it is best practice to:

6. With regard to Passwords, an III (OSINT) practitioner should:

7. For an III (OSINT) practitioner, it is preferable for an effective Synthetic Identity to have:

8. An III (OSINT) practitioner cannot ever use a Synthetic Identity that might have the name of a real world person?

9. When deploying your Synthetic Identity, you want it to be noticed in the group. Therefore it is best to create a Synthetic Identity that will standout in the online crowd.

10. To make a secure record of the investigation process, it is essential to make a video screen recording of the investigation.