Module 9A&B Test Questions

1. As on June 2020, Facebook is estimated to have had:

2. When researching Facebook with a False Persona, which of these answers is not advisable?

3. With your False Persona account, you can access the Facebook account of a subject, as many times as you wish, with no risk that Facebook will recommend that your False Persona might be 'friended' to your subject.

4. Facebook account UserIDs’. Which is true?

5. When trying to locate the UserID of a Facebook user, it is always possible to search the source code of the user's profile page to locate the:

6. VK is owned by:

7. A VK account does not have:

8. in Russia, OK (Odnoklassniki) is more popular than Facebook

9. Which is not correct. OK can be searched:

10. Concerning Reddit, which is not correct: