Module 3 Test Questions - Private Sector

1. For a specific investigation of a group, it is recommended to create a False Persona that shall:

2. When creating a False Persona for a specific investigation which of the following is correct?

3. When deploying your False Persona, you want it to be noticed in the group so look to create a False Persona that will standout in the online crowd.

4. it might be necessary or beneficial to operate several False Personas with multiple accounts.

5. Maintaining a False Persona is never a good idea. Better to create a new False Persona for every deployment.

6. For an OSINT researcher, it is essential for an effective False Persona to have which of the following: -

7. An OSINT researcher cannot ever use a False Persona that might have the name of a real person?

8. Using an application to generate a False Persona is not recommended, as the False Persona will never appear to be authentic.

9. When creating an e-mail account or a Social Media account for a False Persona, the provider might require you to verify your identity. To secure your False Persona, what is your optimal response?

10.When using Fake Name Generators to help create your False Persona(s). Which of the following is incorrect?