LOT-X-S Module 1 - Social Media Part 1 - Linkedin, Instagram, X (Twitter) & Threads

Intelligence located on a Social Media Platform is always reliable and authentic?

Processing an advanced search on any social media platform with the site: operator (E.g. site:linkedin.com) might benefit an investigation?

While processing LinkedIn as a logged-in user, what is the potential risk for an OSINT practitioner ?

The Linkedin term for a Numeric user ID is:

On Instagram, when a browsing user accesses a "story" published by an account holder, a notification will display for the account holder of that story, unless we:-

Access https://commentpicker.com/instagram-username.php, who is the Instagram Account numeric ID Number 217939928 assigned to?

Facebook account UserIDs’. Which is true?

Access https://lookup-id.com; what is the Facebook numeric ID for the Facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/nick.gargan ?