LOT-X-O-23-03 Exam Module 1, 4 & 5

1. The UK-GDPR can into effect on which date?

2. A computer footprint might display the user's:

3. A Computer's fingerprint will not disclose

4. An Anonymizer and a VPN are the same thing?

5. When using a photograph for a Synthetic Identity, it's best practice to:

6. Locating which of the following indicates good progress with an OSINT investigation?

7. How can a LinkedIn profile image assist you?

8. Using https://lookup-id.com; what is the Facebook numeric ID for the Facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/tedcruzpage

9. The Instagram account of https://www.instagram.com/m_phelps00 , appears to be of Michael Phelps a former competitive swimmer. How do we know this is his real account?

10. Access the following Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/ivankatrump, does this account contain "highlights"?

11. Which of these intelligence objects can help to identify an online user

12. Telegram has 1 on 1 chat, groups & channels

13. Using https://dnslytics.com/email-test, determine if e-mail messages can be delivered to ninahga6643@gmail.com

14. Using https://emailrep.io search for the following email address: andrews977@gmail.com What is the reputation of this email?

15. Using https://tlgrm.eu/channels search for the Russian Foreign Ministry, is there an official Telegram channel for it? Yes / No Correct answer: Yes