Final Exam BOOT-U-X-21-01

1. During an OSINT investigation, an IP address can only be of value to a Law Enforcement Officer. OSINT researchers in the private sector, cannot research IP addresses.

2. Which of the following should not be included in an OSINT report?

3. Data from which sources is OSINT?

4. The GDPR and legislation that derives from it, will not impose financial penalties on:

5. The GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 both require a researcher to apply the 'Proportionality Test'. The test is....

6. For an OSINT researcher, it is essential for an effective False Persona to have:-

7. An OSINT researcher cannot ever use a False Persona that might have the name of a real person?

8. When using a photograph for a False Persona, it's best to:

9. An Anonymizer and a VPN are the same thing?

10. A computer footprint might display the user's:

11. With regard to Passwords, you should:

12. To whom might we make an application to supply registration details if it was a lawful and reasonable request?

13. Using the Wayback Machine at search for the website and view how it appeared in April 2013. Identify which of the following does not display under the Latest News section?

14. From the Wikipedia website, locate the official website for Liverpool Football Club and then check the Domain Name at - when was the Domain Name first Registered?

15. What does the “ “ symbol do?

16. With a search engine such as Google, to search for an individual by the name of Richard Lewis, a blogger and author who lives in Belfast, which is the most appropriate search string?

17. If there was a Russian element to your research, which of the following search engines should you consider using;

18. What is the benefit of using a Meta Search engine?

19. Why is it necessary to record an account ID number?

20. If a LinkedIn account is located by way of a search engine, to view the account, it is best practice to:

21. LinkedIn Footprints & User Settings. Which is true?

22. To acquire a Flickr Account ID, search with the:

23. Using the links for Flickr on the Photo Upload & Search page of, what is the Flickr Account ID Number linked to the account at: ?

24. What basic principals do all social media platforms work on?

25. From the Facebook account of Nick Gargan, who lives in York, how many Facebook Friends does the account holder have, with a surname of Gargan?

26. In Facebook, which of the following techniques will allow you to see a much larger version of a Private Profile image?

27. Concerning Reddit, which is not correct:

28. Facebook account UserIDs’. Which is true?

29. Which is not correct. OK can be searched:

30. We want to know what vehicles might have been driven in 2019 and 2020 by our subject Richard Garrett (aka Ricky) (who has been selected only as a good training example) and who lives in London, UK. First, access and search for our subject. Using data located, access to locate any vehicle(s). Our research has determined that our subject has driven a:-

31. You are a journalist researching Donald Trump Jr.(selected only as a good training example). You are reasonably sure he lives in Trump Tower on 5th Avenue New York, but the building has 64 floors. You want to know which floor he lives on. From his Facebook page you know that he files small aircraft. You access Your research indicates that he does indeed live in Trump Tower, and he resides on the:-

32. When researching Blog Sites and other Forums what should you be searching for to assist your research?

33. Why might you want to capture a gaming site avatar or profile picture.

34. What is DoneDeal?

35. Which of the statements is true with regards to Gumtree?