LOT-X-R Module 2 Processing Search Engines

Which of the following search engines is focused on privacy?

In a Google search, what does the * symbol do in the search query?

Many search engines provide a result filter that refines the time that information was published. For the OSINT practitioner which is the most useful time filter?

With a search resource, how might you refine a query to search only twitter.com?

With a search engine such as Google, to search for an individual, by the name of John Discombe, who lives in Galway, which is the most appropriate search query?

Using Google to search Facebook for our subject, "Emma Whitestone", create a dork with site:facebook.com (hint: use the quotation marks); how many results display?

Using Google to search Linkedin for our subject, "Ted O'Leary" who is an analyst, create a dork that includes site:linkedin.com analyst; how many results are located?