LOT-X-O Module 8 - Online Databases

1. Which part of the internet holds the most data.

2. If it is necessary to register to access a Deep web database, any intelligence gathered cannot be used as evidence.

3. When located through a search engine query, which of these resources will request a login that is for a Deep Web resource?

4. To locate financial intelligence about our subject, Patrick Joseph Murphy (who has been selected only as a good training example). Access https://www.csol.ie/ccms/bankruptcy.html?execution=e2s1 His Insolvency status is:

5. Access the resource http://www.shipspotting.com and locate a photo of a vessel with registration IMO: 9320544 taken by the photographer Edson de Lima Lucas The name and location of the vessel in the photo is:

6. You work for the Inland Revenue Service in the USA. You are researching the firm John Scarman Roses INC. (a company selected only as a good training example). You want to know if they might have been diverting funds offshore. You access https://offshoreleaks.icij.org and determine that: