Final Exam LOT-X-O-23-03 Module 2 & 6

1. If there was a Russian element to your investigation, which of the following search engines should you consider using;

2. Which of these is an encrypted search engine?

3. Access & locate the country of Serbia, how many search resources are displayed?

4. Using Google to search for pdf documents relating to "Crime Statistics Liverpool", create a dork with filetype:pdf (hint: use the quotation marks & apply spaces between dorks); how many results display?

5. Using Google to search Linkedin for our subject, "Josh Mcadams", create a dork with and apply optometrist to the search query (hint: use the quotation marks & apply spaces between the dorks & queries); how many results display?

6. On Twitter, the Blue Checkmark can be relied upon as 100% verification that the owner of the account is who they claim to be.

7. On Snapchat, the Snaps attached to the Story of premium account user can display for

8. What is the timestamp of the following Youtube video at ?

9. On Tik Tok, what is the full timestamp of the video located at Convert Unix time using

10. Use & search for the Official account of Elon Musk, when was the account created?