Final Exam LOT-X-O-23-03 Module 1 & 8

1. The UK-GDPR can into effect on which date?

2. A computer footprint might display the user's:

3. A Computer's fingerprint will not disclose

4. An Anonymizer and a VPN are the same thing?

5. When using a photograph for a Synthetic Identity, it's best practice to:

6. All Databases are premium & require special authorization to be processed.

7. Access to locate a boat named "Crab Queen 1". In what year was the boat built?

8. Access to locate a doctor named James Samuel Jackson. On what date was he registered as a specialist?

9. You are a journalist researching Donald Trump Jr. (selected only as a good training example). You are reasonably sure he lives in Trump Tower on 5th Avenue, New York, but the building has 64 floors. You want to know which floor he lives on. From his Facebook page you know that he files small aircraft. You access Your research indicates that he does indeed live in Trump Tower, and he resides on the:-

To locate financial intelligence about the property at the Basement Flat at 66 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DP Access to find a business rates valuation. The rateable value of the property is: