Final Exam BOOT-R-S-22-11

Mod10. Q1. Why is it necessary to record a numeric account ID?

Mod10. Q2. The practitioner should create a new and different Synthetic Identity for every social media platform that will be investigated?

Mod10. Q3. When investigating LinkedIn, it is best practice to create an account with:

Mod10. Q4. LinkedIn searches cannot be filtered by:

Mod10. Q5. Which online resource can be deployed to locate a Twitter ID?

Mod10. Q6. With help from some of the Twitter Account ID links on; when was the Twitter Account with numeric ID 18953259 created?

Mod11. Q7. Under the Human Rights Act 1998, no video platform is permitted to display violent or extremist content in the UK

Mod11. Q8. Using the links for Flickr on the Photo Upload & Search page of, what is the Flickr Account ID Number linked to the account at: ?

Mod11. Q9. For Instagram, which is correct?

Mod11. Q10. YouTube video uploads might not display:

Mod11. Q11. On TikTok, which resource cannot be deployed to download a video?

Mod12. Q12. When trying to locate the UserID of a Facebook user, the III (OSINT) practitioner should access the Page Source from the:

Mod12. Q13. Facebook account UserIDs’. Which is true?

Mod12. Q14. From the Facebook account of Nick Gargan, how many Facebook Friends does the account holder have, with a surname of Gargan?

Mod12. Q15. When researching Facebook with a Synthetic Identity, which of these answers is not advisable?

Mod12. Q16. Which is correct? The social media platform OK (Odnoklassniki), can be searched:

Mod12. Q17. In Russia, the social media platfrom VK is more popular than Facebook.