Final Exam BOOT-R-D-22-12

Mod13. Q1. Our subject Richard Garrett, aka "Ricky" (who has been selected only as a good training example). He lives in London, UK. We want to know what vehicles our subject might have been driven in 2022. First, access and search for our subject. Using data located, access to locate any vehicle(s). The investigation has determined that our subject has driven a:-

Mod13. Q2. You are a journalist researching Donald Trump Jr. (selected only as a good training example). You are reasonably sure he lives in Trump Tower on 5th Avenue New York, but the building has 64 floors. You want to know which floor he lives on. From his Facebook page you know that he files small aircraft. You access Your research indicates that he does indeed live in Trump Tower, and he resides on the:-

Mod13. Q3. To locate an aircraft with Registration mark G-BPZB, search for the Civil Aviation Authority (UK) website. What is the make and model of the aircraft?

Mod13. Q4. A member of the public reports that they know for a fact that a doctor who is treating members of the public and was registered with the General Medical Council does not have a licence to practice. The doctor is called Matthew TYSON. Your investigation concludes that the allegation is:

Mod13. Q5. You are Investigating an assault outside the Castle Late Night Venue A witness reports that a security man with first name Aaron was present. You access What is the family name of the man you would like to speak with?

Mod14. Q6. Concerning Reddit, which is correct?

Mod14. Q7. Using what is the timestamp of the creation of the Reddit Community

Mod14. Q8. Locate the profile of the user AdrianM on TripAdvisor. In March 2022 how did Adrian report that he had travelled to Patong Beach. On

Mod14. Q9. On, locate a German River Tug for sale in Rochester, UK. What is the reported initials postcode of the seller?

Mod15. Q10. Only the top 5 cryptocurrencies deploy the Blockchain?

Mod15. Q11. The number 3LYJfcfHPXYJreMsASk2jkn69LWEYKzexb is

Mod15. Q12. The Dark Web and the TOR Network are the same thing

Mod15. Q13. Which is correct? A web site on the Dark Web...